Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Jay Merryweather | Project 2 | Steps

This is the style we will be working toward for this second project.

Work between your mood board and your preliminary sketches to find a good composition.  Remember to carefully consider cropping, silhouette, and story.

Create a final composed drawing based on your sketches.  Jump between using the computer and printing and using a pencil to get the desired image.

On a layer below your drawing block in your colors with medium values based on the reference image you are using for color.

  Attach your color reference. Block in your lights and darks.  And then print out this rough copy.

Using Copics and colored pencil add additional detail, tecture, and color.  Re-scan and bring back into Photoshop.
Continue adding more depth into your colors, blend in and out details, and work over your contour lines with light and dark values based on surrounding colors.  


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